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Popular GPD frequently asked questions
During my PGD/IVF treatment if I forget to take a particular drug at the appointed time, should I take double the amount when it is next due?
No. If you are just a couple of hours late taking the drug, then take it as soon as you remember but, if you miss an injection altogether, simply continue taking the normal amount of the drug when it is next due. Missing an isolated dose of a fertility hormone should not unduly affect your treatment, but two or more missed doses could clearly prejudice both the timescale and outcome of your treatment.

What happens if I run out of a particular drug – or lose it?
Description will have been dispensed in the form of a comprehensive drugs kit which you will receive from a pharmacy when you join our programme. It contains all the drugs normally needed, provided you have followed the instructions and kept to the correct dosage frequency and volume. However, if you are likely to need more of any particular drug (perhaps because you have not fully down-regulated or not reached sufficient follicle development), you should contact our Clinical Coordinator or Sister in Charge who will arrange for further supplies to be sent to you. In the event that your Consultant decides you need to continue any stage of your drug treatment beyond the normal duration, he will issue a further prescription enabling the necessary drugs to be sent to you within 36 hours.

I have a fear of injections and don’t think I’ll be able to self-inject myself on a daily basis. What should I do?
When you receive your drugs you’ll also receive a teaching DVD which clearly explains simple ways of using your injections. The vast majority of patients – or their partners – are able to use this system to carry out their own injections but if you have a problem you can arrange to have your local district nurse or GP practice nurse do the injections for you (in which case you might be asked to pay a small fee to the nurse).

I will find it very inconvenient to visit London or Liverpool every time I need to have a scan. Why can’t you arrange for my scans to be done by a local private hospital?
We could, but you will need to fund these scans. In addition, the quality of your scans – upon which your treatment outcome depends – could be compromised. Because of the volume of work we give to our associate specialists, we are able to obtain competitive prices, and ensure the production of high quality scans. When we previously allowed local hospitals to undertake this work we found the quality of information was very variable – and the costs prohibitive. The cost of having your scans carried out by your nearest private hospital could add up to £1,000 to the total cost of your treatment.

I would prefer that my own GP was not told about my receiving sex selection/gender selection/family balancing treatment. Is it necessary to inform him/her?
No. We will only inform your GP if you wish us to do so. There is no requirement for us to pass on any details about your treatment to your GP.

I would prefer to have a general anaesthetic when my eggs are collected, rather than simply a local anaesthetic. Will I have a choice?
You will be virtually “asleep” during your egg collection although this is not called general anaesthesia as you will not be paralysed.

You say the risk of side effects from my drug treatment is minimal. What other reassurance can you offer?
The risks of ovarian stimulation and egg collection are explained in detail in your consent forms. There are no significant side effects associated with any aspect of your drug regimen, other than a small chance of ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS). In the unlikely event of your becoming hyper-stimulated, treatment would cease and any unpleasant physical symptoms – abdominal pain or discomfort – would quickly disappear. You would encounter no lasting side effects or problems. The minor clinical procedures (egg recovery and embryo transfer) carry negligible risk, although any patient electing to undergo a general anaesthetic understands the minimal risks involved.

What is the Length of the Treatment?
The initial stage of the treatment takes approximately 1 month before you will need to travel to Cyprus.

How many appointments will I need?
Initially you will need around 3 appointments in our clinics involving examinations, scans and blood tests. On your return to the UK, you will just need an ultrasound scan and routine antenatal care if you become pregnant.

How do I obtain all the drugs I need?
All the necessary drugs are sent directly to your home.

What is the cost of the treatment?
We can send you a price guide. Please use the form on our website.

Where does the treatment take place?
The initial appointment and preparatory treatments take place in Liverpool and London. However, the egg collection, fertilization, biopsy and embryo transfer take place in Cyprus IVF Centre (CIC). You will then return to the UK.

How long do I need to spend abroad?
Ten days is usually enough to complete PGD/sex selection/gender selection/family balancing treatment.

Does the cost of the treatment include travel and accommodation whilst abroad?
No but we can advise you about travel plans.

Can I have my scans and blood tests done anywhere other than the UKCFA clinics?
We would not advise as this as it is likely to substantially increase the cost of your treatment.

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